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i’ve been making all these songs ’cause this sh~t been helping

i don’t really talk about sh~t, not telling

people tryna act like they know how i’m feeling

late at night crying on my knees, i’m kneeling

spark one up just to stop my thoughts

my emotions on the shelf, n~gga, know they unreeling

i don’t ever talk about sh~t ’cause i don’t want anyone to worry about

i’ve been tryna distract myself from everything in front of my eyes and
keep it lowkey

but it’s hard when you’re stuck with your thoughts at night

when you battle [?] f~ckin’ fight or flight

and when people see you, it’s a stereotypе

think my light going out like a firefly

and this burden is hеavy, no, it ain’t light

i don’t want no one saying they want my life

i’ve been working my ass off, no, this sh~t did not come in a day, no, it’s
not overnight

when i do sh~t i love, n~ggas say that it sucks

but then when i make sh~t that i hate, know it’s never enough

’cause i wanna blow up, but this sh~t not for me

in a hotel crying whenever i be touring

’cause i don’t know what the f~ck i wanna be

i don’t what the f~ck n~ggas expect of me

tryna fill up a hole in my heart, in my body, my chest, i’ve been tryna close
this cavity

i can say i got closure and say i’m okay, but i know that i’m not, i know
that i’m empty

i’m just tryna keep this sh~t pushing for all of my fans and my family, you
know how it be

i can say that i’m whole, but i’m not even half

of the d~mn person i was before all these tracks

i don’t put sh~t in the past

putting this happiness on my face, that sh~t’s a mask

i make a song in one night, nextly i delete the song ’cause i hate my d~mn

i’ve never been f~cking confident in myself ever since i was a lil’ f~cking

so when people say that my music, it sucks and it’s mid, n~gga, that sh~t
get to me, destroys

the small amount of myself that was believing in me, n~gga, this sh~t feel
like it’s a toy

this sh~t a game, i don’t even want all this fame

sometimes i feel like a lame, stay in my lane

wan’ go to sleep and never wake up, don’t wanna do this again

people think i’m insane, but i just be speaking my thoughts and emotions
into my d~mn mic

if i take one more hit of this blunt, just hope i go to sleep, don’t wake up

sometimes when i smoke this sh~t k!ll me

always quiet in public, no one know the real me

i know my scars are not healing

’cause i’m chasing impossible, the f~cking feeling of being f~cking

for more than a day at a time

before i look right back in the past, i wish i could go back, i wish i
could rewind

to the time where i never made music

to the time where i wasn’t foolish, wasn’t stupid

talking about open up, but i know that i need to listen to myself, need to
use my own d~mn advice

hope that i succumb devices every f~cking night

i’ve been looking at my phone, this sh~t is f~cking devilish, i hate this
f~cking device

people want talk to me like they my friends, but i know that they ain’t
ever gon’ treat me real nice

[?] ’cause they only want the money, they only care about that d~mn price

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