lirik lagu amaflow – dubs

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they say want to go
far grab a team

but n0body got a drive like mine so it seems

no sleep difference between vision and dream

i don’t write these to snooze know what i mean

know a few that do bring the heat through

so i bake wit em to make fake boo hoo

tears for the clowns when detriot and h~town

meet bond on playground and release some sound

further more if you were truely keeping score

you’d know sonically i dominate like prince’s adore

i’m sure you’d agree this form of pedigree

seldom heard of and even rarer to see

yet here we are laying syllables over vibes near criminal

inspiring fear in more than a few that’s how we do

what we continue to pursue until it’s caught

eyes on prize than i guess you ought

to gaze and see we the present presently

bond tame any groove that’s handed to me

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