lirik lagu arie dixon – it’s going down 2night

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theres no other
time for this to go down

everybody trying to get a glimpse of the show down

and ive been waiting my whole life to get here

(its game time) im in the zone now

this is my passion, everybody’s asking

whoes that? then somebody in back then

points a laughs, and somebody says action

and thats when i prove im now joke yeah, oh yeah, ’bout to break it all

here i go yeah, oh yeah, get up out of my house

ima blow yeah, (go) yeah, i dont care

i go nuts and i leave the whole place toe up, like so what, like something
just blown up, and now

people say that im wildin, cause they never walked in my shoes, but

once you walked in my shoes, you can talk the sh!t that i do, but

tonight’s the night, that’ll leave it all out there, i swear

i do this cause i gotta fo,r no drama, for my momma, poppa

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