lirik lagu arie dixon – party people

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verse 2

~nooooow who can stop the freight train, that came

~out from straight pain, the game

~is in shambles, im dropping anvils

~from here to istanbul, i got this

~everyone looking to past trying to bring it back

~f~ck that screw the past i ain’t playing that

~becasue history repeats itself

~and the way that we going we going to need some help

~so, step your game up

~before i have to mess this game up

~ i dont give an f, i came up

~with nothing left, but my dang nuts

~and my d!ck in my hand, wishing i can, just p~ss on man

~and sh!t in a fan and watch as it misses and lands

~on kids with their grandmas, just cause im p~ssed and i can

~(this n!gga’s bananas) sorry dog im tripping again

~and tia told me dont worry about the lime light

~just stay true to you, and keep your mind right

~and ima do what i do, and when the times right

~ill show you in my darkest hour i can shine bright


~party people in the place to be

~you are now in the midst of a real mc

~throw your hands in the air if your real as me

~throw your hands in the air if your real as me

(repeat 2xs)

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