lirik lagu bigdatvert – deeper than you think

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[verse 1]

yeah the draco bullet hit a n~gga and the barrel had a flame

i know the lord looking down on me right now, he ashamed

i know that he ain’t want me to flush this f~ck boy down the drain

i know the police looking for me, yeah them b~tches want me tamed

i know when you give these hoes money, b~tches still gonna complain

i know when you come up like me, these hoes they gone f~ck for fame

i know he was gone run up so i shot him in his f~cking brain

and we smoking on all you rappers, get smoked like a f~cking strain

if i call up ten a key, n~gga you know he gone let it bang

i’m k!lling all my enemies you lil n~ggas gone know my name

shoot up your block like a movie, took you lil n~ggas out the frame

i got your thot in jacuzzi, yeah she really giving me brain

put the d~ck on your thot, then i pass her straight to the gang

i put the switch on the glock, but my uzi, it still shoot the same

i put my money in stock and then invested to the game

and test my nuts lil n~gga, and i’ma have to let ‘em hang

i bought some rope for these rappers, i’ma have to let ‘em hang

just like the chains on my neck, b~tch your block, we ‘bout to swing

i got a bullet in the gun for every n~gga that you bring

it’s time to flush you little f~ck n~ggas down the f~cking sink


b~tch i’m not a rapper, hoe it’s deeper than you think

it’s deeper than you think, hoe it’s deeper than you think

look up in my cup, yeah i keep a little drink

that pistol on me, i just squeeze it then i aim

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