lirik lagu deala – flings tha kings

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[2 verse]

when i got the kings the chances are better

i don’t give a d~mn ’bout yo’ total chatter

just stop barkin’, yeah

don’t put on the table the key of the car which is so rare ~ against me

actually, i wanna say am not a g

i said it in too many tracks

but ya have to beware when deala checks

‘cuz after that he just wrecks

sit silent in yo’ place

due to some m~th~f~ckas who are violent in the chase

the main rule of it is neva borrow

nowadays, no one wanna get into the sorrow

proceed to the gamble

there’s no place fo’ the m~th~f~ckas who just ramble

walkin’ near the casino

and lookin’ in the mirror

thinkin’ ’bout come in or not

i assure yo’ ass no one gives a f~ck

so, come in the buildin’ before you get shot

by some m~th~f~ckas with the dreadlocks

or by hard cops

[hook] x2

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