lirik lagu deala – info iz secreted

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[1 verse]

info iz secreted

yo’ ass knows i did it

don’t go along the dark park

ya can get stabbed by the fork

there it’s unsafe in the night

can come across the hard m~th~f~ckas who gonna fight

oh, yeah, dat’s right

don’t worry, i won’t drive in the lorry ~ at that f~ckin’ time

i’d rather make a d~mn rhyme

‘cuz i don’t want to waste my time at yo’ m~th~f~ckin’ ass

you will anyway get a strees

let’s talk ’bout mess

i’m ready for that

when you playin’ roulette

they gonna hide their automat to avoid a rat a tat tat

man, dat’s true

they said ‘fucc you’ ~ to get some dirty bucks

only when you playin’ some cards

who are they?

wait, i gonna say

it’s homies of d~e~a~l~a

hey, ya lookin’ at thе ray

you wanna get out?

turn up the d~mn sound


yo’ ass must know it’s really hard to survivе in this d~mn world

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