lirik lagu gunna – thought i was playing*

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i f~cked her back out on the last spin with my twins

i set the […] what i’m sayin’, you know what i’m sayin’

what the f~ck these n~ggas thought that i was playin’? (f~ck you n~ggas thought)

what the f~ck you p~ssies must’ve thought that i was

must’ve thought he couldn’t get caught, they buried him with a seal

wiped that little b~tch’s noses, only cost a couple of grand

by now, he ever stole them, chop ’em off his head

[?] pot and the pan, he takin’ over the land

i can go chop up a few blocks again, n~gga can’t wait to co spend

i’m out of the way, but they pullin’ me in, i’m boutta come in the

i took a real loss, now i’m herе for the win, n~ggas don’t want me to

i bought a new car for my twin, this sh~t ain’t just for thе trend

63 amg benz, i hit the engine, i put it in sport, i’ma fishtail it and

i leave the opp, you can’t keep tellin’ me something, know i want some more

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