lirik lagu kt.lake – kt’s angels

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[verse 2]

hop in the benz’ and you hop in the chevy

i just be rockin’ this metal, it’s heavy

i ain’t gon’ cap, i can’t meet you in heaven

telekinesis, i feel like eleven

that n~gga mad because he cannot f~ck with me, i ain’t do nothing, i
default the settings (uh~huh, uh~huh, uh~huh, uh~huh, uh~huh)

i’m ’bout to make that boy red like tomato sauce, i noodle that n~gga up
just like spaghetti

i’m winning, b~tch, i’m finna throw up confetti (yeah)

i see that you hatin’, lil’ n~gga, you petty

you mad that your girl at the party, she doin’ the white just like her name
was betty

she tried to tell me that i was her dream boy but i had told her forget

bro like a zombie, he off of the beans, boy (yeah), hopefully that n~gga
quit it (yeah)

all of this money, i spread it (yeah)

shawty said she on the way but i told her forget it (yeah)

don’t even care to respond to her message (yeah)

now that b~tch mad ’cause i don’t wanna text her (yeah)

i got my money up, (yeah) i’m finna move out to texas (yeah)

reminiscing back to when i was broke, they ain’t like me

but i guess it was for the better

i’m finna stack up the cheddar (yeah)


that lil’ ho right there must think i’m dumb or somethin’

said she wanna f~ck for a couple hours but b~tch, i ain’t cummin’

you ain’t wanna f~ck with me in high school back when i was bummy

you ain’t wanna f~ck with me in high school back when i was nothin’

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