lirik lagu lucas larson – whats poppin remix

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[verse 2]

every time i rap, i spit facts

and i know y’all boys be real made

’cause i’m dealin’ with some of that

you can’t, k!llin’ this sh~t, but

i don’t like mumble, i don’t like emo~rap

that sh~t’s just not for me

that sh~t takes no talent, you ain’t got the gift

hop off of me

this is for the people who laugh at me

tryna paint a picture so you can see

i’m never gonna stop, so you might as well just accept that

i don’t need a studio ’cause i got my room

and that’s all i need

doin’ this rappin’ so much ’cause you know it’s h~lla fun

doin’ it all on my own, and it’s good for my health

why can’t you see that i’m doin’ so well?

rappin’ so much, i hope you can tell, but

no, i don’t need your handouts

i’m gonna reject that

people in my inbox askin’ for features

i’m like, “nah, go sit in the bleachers”

they thinkin’ that they was my teacher

ayy, you know everybody gonna be happy and mad when they see me winnin’

i been learning and getting better, it’s just the beginnin’

all they do is be hating when i’m over here countin’ my digits

they seem to be b~tchin’, ain’t matter all of my improvements

gonna keep rappin’ until i get somewhere, i guess only time will tell

tryna achieve all my goals

i wanna be famous and rich, i guess that’s the motive

i ain’t gonna lie, i’ve been real almost all my life

i’ma always be humble, even when i start to rise


what’s poppin’?

i’m k!llin’ sh~t, not stoppin’

people beggin’ me to start droppin’

i’m climbin’ up, never gonna start fallin’

you in the back seats just watchin’

wonderin’ if i’ll be in the top ten

i drop my verse, now they all talkin’

that sh~t’s so excitin’

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