lirik lagu mr. stegosaurus – angel hair/teenybopper!

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[verse 2]

and i’m the king of corny lines but it’s fine

cuz i practiced 40 times

and you told me you run, that’s funny

honey cuz you’re running through my mind

take a ride with me, we can go by the sea

sand as far as the eye can see

here is my decree: never lie to thee

date night we can watch duck dynasty

i love how you wear your hair

in the breeze of the january air

huh, i got bars for everywhere

go to new york and take a ferry there

and you do karate

say we’re at the movies and it gets rocky

i spill a guys drink while we’re in the lobby

he’s 6 foot 5, he’s big and stocky

and he wants to box me

you say “not so fast punk!

suck it up and step back punk!”

but he wants to act tough

hiyah, shoulda just backed up

i’d be remiss to miss your perfect personality

and your whimsicality

it’s not a stretch to say that you’re a special case

you bring the best out of me

[verse 3]

(oliver, i can’t hear myself in the headphones)

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