lirik lagu nas, a$ap rocky & dj premier – wave gods

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[verse 1: a$ap

wake up out the bed scruffy, sparkin’ my j

shine my nickel~plated then i’m startin’ my day

my old lady call me baby, told her, “pardon my age”

twelve sh~lls in the gauge like a carton of eggs

we goin’ home like eric cartman, chromosomes on my conscience

hear some n~ggas talkin’ nonsense, call up nasty nastradamus

rock the pearls and diamonds, break the promise, break her wallets

break her heart and break her pockets, takin’ notes like guidance

aristocrat like a chancellor, the answer to the, uh, panhandlers

the corners with the mans is up, the jig is up, the scams is up

yeah, they hands is up, lookin’ in the crowd, yeah

tryna f~ck the world, but my pants still up

tryna invest, to all my gs, before we rest in peace

before we rest in peace

the rest is set, the record set as soon as i release

the room is streets, i roam the streets with no security

they know a n~gga overseas (uh)

kind of swag that’s passed from your mom and dad

prada bags and we cheesin’ on them calvin ads (yeah, yeah)

might’ve peeped the billboards fifty feet when out in traffic

starin’ at them naked pictures, sh~t, you bound to crash it

[chorus: nas]

no comparison, we more solid than they are

me and hit~boy, they say we like the new gang starr

me and flacko, they say we the new wave gods

shout to max b, he could be home any day, god

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