lirik lagu paris bryant – tragedy

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[verse 1]

i can’t be worried ’bout who next

i gotta run up some bands now

without my number one fan now

i fed her, now she cuttin’ off my hand now

and it’s all just to stand out

she want the clout

had to kick her out my house

we been together since forever

how you go and run your mouth like that?

that you managed to put my food then

you the rudest, yeah


no, i ain’t tryna get you no flowers

netflix then chillin’ for hours

ooh, this really her, ooh, oh

lyin’ make it worse, ooh, no

throwin’ all this time away like

runnin’ it all down your face like

what i smell this hate up in the air for?

it’s clear you ain’t gon’ be with me like—

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