lirik lagu playboy the beast – kyle rittenhouse

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verse 1:

the world is changing right in front of our eyes

the country that i used to love now i’ve start to despise

because our government’s corrupt and they keep feeding us lies

they got us fighting over [?] we should be on the same side

but they would rather divide us and force the vaccine inside us

so i think it’s finally time that we fight this fire with fires

they don’t want no therapeutics they profiting off the virus

people are so confused don’t know the truth or where to find it

but half of these f~cking sheep and they’ll happily stay blinded

you expect me to believe 80 million voted for biden?

no more compliance time to get violent and smarter

motherf~ck the [?] and the new world order

they don’t care about us they just want you to obey they orders

living in the pandemic yet we open our borders?

sleepy joe was only leading all you sheep to the slaughter

i keep waving this black flag ’cause ain’t no peace in no quarter this is

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