lirik lagu quelly woo – sizzle

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i got the drop, intel

free all them~free all them guys in cell (woo)

just a young n~gga tryna excel

she got good brain [?] she went to cornell

[?] at your doorbell

cuzzy upped it, he gon’ give ‘еm more h~ll

g~lock [?] mission

i’m gettin’ green, [?]


droppin’ my sh~t, i’ma crank it



likе, sleepy with me [?]

c6, [?]

rackz with me, he gon’ boom

keep it with me [?]


[?] suvy

[?] movie

like, [?] uzi

got these b~tches movin’ loosy

i told her, “baby, shake it for a suvy”

like (like), yeah (yeah)

baby, shake it for a suvy

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