lirik lagu relaye – hail the king

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[verse 1]

this ain’t for pretend

ballin like i’m on the blacktop, cement

goin down right now talking descend

every time i come around its a event, event

this ain’t for pretend

if you take the crown you can keep it

in the spot everybody wanna be in

and the wave so big it got a deep end, leap in

yah yah yah~yah yah yah~yah yah

need the dollas the dollas the dollas

if you not god my partners or mama

just hear blah blah blah~blah blah blah~blah blah

hold up

promise you it been like this

ain’t no secret we all know it’s gonna end like this

i’m the one, everybody tryna get like this

call me mr. smith i’m takin over bit by bit

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