lirik lagu relaye – hail the king

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hail the king show love, if you don’t know better read on up

raise the ego up, know the foes won’t get a bead on us

hail the king show love, till ya bow down to me we not done

and the team so tough, going all out wouldn’t be no~be no fun

[verse 2]

praise the king show love

gotta watch out for the king cobras

came from the side where the weak go young

had to climb out the mud wasn’t erosion

all sk!ll i don’t need no luck

they fall ill when the team roll up

n0body wanna put in the work somehow everybody wanna be chosen

oh me me oh my

opp no time

don’t sleep be polite

so easy they admire the tactics

i ain’t talkin’ bout practice

footwork is fancy

we gettin active

no prophylactic.. so savage.. so

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