lirik lagu rkida – grinding

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verse 2

like i stepped through looking all clean

gyally dem dere wan fi chill wid me

so i tell em cool of juss wait

cos me i’m only out ere tryna get p

like she really tryna put me in cuffs

really tryna give me love

but dats tough

me i only out

tryna get this cheese in

so the love ting ain’t teasing

i’m tryna scurr round ina 4 by 4

blacked out das a benz das german

all dem relationships that i tore

can’t lie i left bare man hurting

but the only motive is dough

so uno i can’t chill wid certains

i juss step through district wid bro

so uno the cash’s what i’m earning


dey don’t know why i’m grinding

best know i’m tryna get that shine in

and bare man talk about patience

me i don’t wait for no perfect timing

i’m only out ere tryna get this dough

but dem man dere juss hate on me

and i think it’s because

i’m taking their place full time not vacantly

i’m gonna succeed just wait and see

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