lirik lagu sharc – pineapple sunkist

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[verse 1]

i smoke a pink runt

pull of in a foreign coupe, it just go vroom vroom

it sound like sticks shooting

lil bro grrt and turn taliban

she neck me on my way to see the cash out, man

it’s the cash~out man, he is an african

i stomp in h. lorenzo, i got racks in my bag, yeah

n~gga front, i turn his block to pakistan, yeah

feel some type of way and start wig~tapping sh~t, yeah

come outside, start aiming for they durag, b~tch

[?] to they lil punjabi

yeah, he going out sad, why did he cuff that freak?

more n~ggas been on her than the patty wagon seats

glock 40 m~st~rbate, yeah, army fatigue

on my block, we got beans and dog food for the cheap, yeah

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