lirik lagu simonisarapper – my mind

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[verse 1]

lately, it’s been really hard

my breath filled with burning shards

i’m leanin’ back, in this bombard

i feel this beat, like my beating heart

i am bringing justice to my life this time

i can’t weep all the time and come here to lie

this is my judgement hall of my d~mn life

you better believe my painful suffering cries

i didn’t come here to see what life gave me to see

i am here because life prejudiced me to livе and be

i came herе with every imperfection of a man to always seize

so don’t come here to judge my being in my state of painful greed

i feel all of your pain, but no one stands here to feel any of mine

this demon of sorrow won’t leave me, do you understand that, is that

i am filled with guilt and no one cares, i can’t even eat and dine

i can’t feel happy and see all of that extremely beautiful shine

feels so crazy to say, it feels like a terrible dream, is any of this

no one believes me anymore, but guess what, now you know how i feel!

this is my life and i won’t lie anymore this is the truth of the real

so you better believe my beating heart, beating to the depth of my grounded

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