lirik lagu woop dogg – felon sign language

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1) ~ “woop dogg”

see this that felon sign language i be belin ain’t no tellin when i shoot
so stay dangerous doin mudras leave em brainless put a hole up in his head he
ona news made em famous , ain’t no switchin up hood hoppin i ain’t changing
i’ll chock a n~gga out even if i gotta stranglm

catch a n~gga lackin gettin bracken rag hangin ina 64 wit my n~ggas this
b~tch sw~ngin

ain’t no snitchin i’m do my time

chunkin up the west while squeezin ona this nine

, don’t be playin wit be playin wit mine

n~ggas hot headed so we really love to press lines

man he ain’t no k!lla we know u just wanna rhyme

f~ck a b~tch thas on bloods i ain’t payin a dime

love the pistol ina nighttime when that b~tch shine

runnin from the bullets i’ll tear up ya spine!!

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