lirik lagu young bryce – heartbreak

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[verse: young

you know that i’ve been feeling broke

like broken glass all on the floor

like i just don’t want anothеr word

i love you straight, this ain’t your court

you made my heart go and еxplore

you kept on driving me like down and with a sword, though

and that is something i can never just ignore

i got a question, would you love me even if i was like rich or i was poor?

want to work it out even like when things are getting hard

girl, you had no clue like how close you are to steal my heart

you were never like a burden and away like to my arms

really i just wish that i could hold you closer in my arms

you be shining, you be looking like a light that’s to the dark

feel like maybe, it’ll be like me and you that’s [?]

[chorus: ybquest]

i don’t want to be alone

baby, just come spend the night

i just want you in my arms

baby, one last time

but, baby, it’s really hard to get you out my mind

bae, i hope you know i’ll never waste your time

i just really hope you know that i fight for what’s mine

i would never leave you down, i would never let you cry

everything feels better when you’re by my side

i hope we never say “goodbye”

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