lirik lagu yus gz – face of the bronx

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like, they ain’t
gang they ain’t cooling with us

brodie dump out the deuce they ain’t booming at us

we gon’ pop out that dark and oot in that, uh

n~ggas still ain’t get back for they mans in the dust

why they [?] better go get some bucks

if i spot me a shh bet he run out of luck

like, they know my body imma spin if its up

[?] tryna blitz with the gun in [?]

if that b~tch try to line me bet i get on top

new opp just died lemme take me a puff

we gon’ slide with the beam [?]

b~tch imma go to the top imma do this for us

if he try to [?]

likе, catch a flock he get put in the runtz

bullеts gon’ punch through the lungs if that boy try to stunt

thotty [?] but i know she [?]


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